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An Introduction to Bookkeeping for Dentists: Dental Bookkeeping Services for Startups Bookkeeping, Controller and CFO Services


Dental bookkeeping

Cash flow is the money moving in and out of the business from the beginning of the month to the end of the month. The profitis computed after completing a profit and loss statement. Cash flow is computed after completing the cash flow equation and factoring in accounts receivable, inventory, and depreciation expenses. Bookkeeping for dentists requires an understanding of the practice as it relates to accounting. Here are the top four common bookkeeping mistakes made by dental practices, and the costly impact it these mistakes can cause.

  • You can arrange your chart of accounts to track the areas that pertain to your business model.
  • On top of that we help an additional dentists on average through the buyer-rep transition or start-up process each year.
  • Finally your Dentrix or Eaglesoft (or whatever software you use) and merchant statements are balanced with your day sheets, EFT insurance deposits, bank deposits and your QuickBooks!
  • Even though the dentist may not do the bookkeeping, as a business owner, it’s imperative that he at least understands the accounting process for his practice.
  • Well, there are unique financial challenges with running a profitable dental practice.

Calling references will allow you to get a handle on what their experiences have been like and help you choose the right firm for your needs. These are important distinctions that might be overlooked when using a standard COA as opposed to a dental industry COA. We help dentists stop feeling lost with their Profit & Loss report by transforming it into a benchmarking tool that measures success. We teach you step-by-step how to calculate and compare your practice overhead percentages against the average of other practices.

Benefits of outsourcing dental practice bookkeeping.

Accurate record-keeping of patient information is crucial for efficient billing and collections, as well as general compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. So while the earlier suggestion of adopting cloud-based dental accounting software is effective at cutting down on paper, it doesn’t eliminate the need to keep certain documents. Without the following documents stored safely in your records, you could face big problems. One of the best things you can do for your dental practice is to take your bookkeeping digital.

  • Every misguided transaction will significantly affect your statement and improper bookkeeping could lead to making misinformed decisions that could put your practice at great financial risk.
  • Today’s accounting systems also make it easy to integrate transactions, receipts, bills, and other information quickly and easily, cutting down on physical paperwork.
  • Poor bookkeeping will end up costing you time as well as money.
  • If you hire a virtual bookkeeper, you should plan on having a face-to-face interview via Zoom or Skype.
  • Ask specific questions regarding the accuracy and timeliness of financial reports, responsiveness to inquiries or concerns, and any challenges or issues they may have encountered.

Keep reading to discover how outsourced dental bookkeeping services can make your life easier and boost your practice’s profits. Either way, finding dental bookkeeping services that take the task off your hands can be exactly what you need to focus more energy on your patients. By outsourcing your bookkeeping, you’re giving yourself the ability to do what you do best– improving peoples’ smiles. A common misstep that happens in dentist bookkeeping is attempting to use a standard chart of accounts to track income and expenses. A standard COA doesn’t provide the same level of usefulness that a dental industry COA would have for your practice. Profit is the result of revenue less expenses for a certain period of time.

Built for beginners, learn how to do dental practice bookkeeping right for a dental practice with an online course. Our dental bookkeeping specialists have been working in the dental industry for a number years. Dental Bookkeeping is a specialized company focused in bookkeeping for general and specialty practices in the dental industry. Poor bookkeeping will end up costing you time as well as money.

Does my practice specialty matter in bookkeeping accuracy?

This might affect you further down the line when you transfer those figures to other financial reports. Also, dentistry like other medical professions doesn’t allow for a remote work or work from home. In other words, Monday through Thursday and some Fridays, you need to maximize your utility. Sure, you could use the weekend to maintain your financial records… but you should spend that offline time to build your practice and relax. Good bookkeeping is the nuts-and-bolts of every thriving business, including every profitable dental practice.

If they don’t, make sure to ask what technology and automation they use. You should also check to see if they have experience with the accounting or bookkeeping software that you use. Bookkeeping technology has made the process of tracking accounts and inputting payments and expenses easier than ever. As we mentioned above, one of the key duties of a professional bookkeeper is to create a chart of accounts.

Start by requesting references from the bookkeeping service provider’s current or past dental clients. Reach out to these references and ask about their overall satisfaction with the service. Ask specific questions regarding the accuracy and timeliness of financial reports, responsiveness to inquiries or concerns, and any challenges or issues they may have encountered. Using QuickBooks Online allows you and our team to access and work on your bookkeeping in real-time. Your accounting firm can only effectively manage your financial information if your books are well organized, up-to-date, and balanced.

It is important to work with bookkeepers who understand the dental industry and everything that goes along with it. That way, they can tailor their management style to go along with your practice’s day-to-day running style- and make life easier for everyone. Accounts receivable

Think about your insurance collection ratio and outstanding patient statements. When insurance providers or patients don’t pay full costs as required, your AR grows. As time passes, this number can grow to become unmanageable and more difficult to collect.

Dental bookkeeping

If we decide to press forward with a Business Advisory or Tax Patrol Services engagement, we will credit the consultation fee towards those services. If you don’t need convincing and already want our services and you simply have some housekeeping questions, we answer those at no charge. Charging a consult fee to tell you how great we are is not cool. When you have the full picture of all the financial transactions going in and out of your practice, you’ll know how it is really performing – a busy waiting room doesn’t always tell the whole story. Client references and online reviews offer valuable insights about an outsourced bookkeeping service’s reliability, professionalism, and quality. HIPAA compliance should be a primary concern when hiring anybody who will have access to your financial and patient records.

Here are some of the common measures you should expect them to use. You’ll need someone who understands the dental industry and can create an industry-specific COA to help you track your income and expenses. The first thing you’ll need to consider is the bookkeeping firm’s experience and expertise in the dental industry. A question we often hear has to do with whether it’s best to hire a dental accountant or a dental bookkeeper. The short answer is that you probably need both because they serve different purposes.

Invest In Cloud-Based Accounting Software

Ideally, you will hire a firm where you have a single point of contact with someone familiar with your accounts, who can help you if there’s a problem. Finally your Dentrix or Eaglesoft (or whatever software you use) and merchant statements are balanced with your day sheets, EFT insurance deposits, bank deposits and your QuickBooks! Your deposits and payments are accurately reconciled with your bank. The platform’s accounting specialists can even pay your bills — if you’d like us to. Reconciliations are important because they can help your dental practice identify overdraft transactions and fraudulent financial activity. You run the risk of omitting important information without the use of a dentistry-specific chart of accounts.

Dental bookkeeping

There are bookkeeping firms that specialize in certain industries, including the dental industry. If a company doesn’t specifically mention dental bookkeeping on its website, then it may not have the experience and expertise you need to keep accurate records. The eAssist platform facilitates and supports dental bookkeeping and accounting, and was built by dentists for dentists. We understand the unique accounting needs that dental practices require. Accounts payable

Do you have outstanding loans or other debt obligations? Your accounts payable is any money currently owed to other parties.

We have been recognized as industry leaders offering a number of services for dental professionals. Remember that reviews and references are helpful, but they shouldn’t be the sole basis for your decision. Use them to get more information and ideas, but also think about other factors like the service provider’s knowledge, use of technology, and compliance measures. In addition to asking about security measures, we recommend asking specifically about HIPAA compliance. You should ask if the firm has ever experienced a data breach or been charged with a HIPAA violation.

Bookkeeping for DentistsDental CPA Tax & Business Advisory Services

Well, there are unique financial challenges with running a profitable dental practice. The software can also create and send electronic invoices to patients and insurance companies. This speeds up the payment process and reduces administrative work.

Bookkeeping Services

Having the answers to these essential questions will enable your practice to allocate your time more effectively so your dental practice makes even greater progress. You compile and use this financial information to create a profit and loss summary, which can be incorporated into your monthly financial report. Seychelle is a Maryland-based personal finance writer and business owner. She’s passionate about helping others out of financial pitfalls she’s already dug herself out of.

You might miss cost inefficiencies (are you paying too much for utilities?), you may miscalculate your tax liabilities and end up spending frustrating hours unravelling any issues. We often help with catch-up bookkeeping Dental bookkeeping work when onboarding a new client. If they respond professionally and encourage reviewers to contact them for one-on-one assistance, then it’s a good sign that they respect their clients and will respect you.

All your financial information – including historical data – will be at your fingertips and easier to share, available to view instantly without taking up any office space. It’s a modern way of working that will allow you to do things even better. When checking client references and online reviews, consider the size and type of dental practices the bookkeeping service provider has worked with. Find practices that are similar to yours in terms of size, specialization, or operational complexity.


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